Monday, December 15, 2014

My last weekend

It is a brisk, cold morning; my hands barely work to put my socks. We started our journey to towards Tharpaling monastery. Walking, walking, up to the mountain, crossing Lamai Goenpa displayed prayer flags hanging at their entrances.  The walking somehow is getting interesting because weather seems perfect as the days was not sunny.
As we get close to the base of the Kiti Phu moutain of the Goddess, we continue to see tharpaling monastery with beautiful scene all surrounded with prayer flags.
As we walked crossing Kiti Phu Mountain, I felt the past moment in my village that we used to climb mountain to get bamboo for the facing the agriculture crops and some time for roofing. The heaviness of the past year of weariness and struggle shed like a second skin. The mountain air illuminated the ways in which I acted, or didn’t, that made the struggle more painful.
I feel as if I reached in heaven; floating, soaring, and the happiness on my mind is uncountable as I started to see scene of Tharpaling monastery and Chumey village.
 As I walked, toward the Monastery, I was exhausted. I chanted with each step, to keep going. The Buddhist’s chant “om mani padme hum” roughly translates to mean “the jewel in the lotus flower”, symbols of wisdom and compassion.
The chant is a meditation on these simple values – seeking to be awake, wise to what is true, and toward loving kindness and compassion.  Everywhere this meditation washes over the valley – it is written on every prayer flag, on the mani walls, carved into stone.
After all our visit to the secret place we had lunch and we started our journey back.It was a great journey that I enjoyed a lot, And I think  I am provided with a place for joyfulness, for being in the immediacy of the moment, and the experience.


  1. Bro seems you have great weekend last time. keep sharing your everyday happenings.

  2. thank you was also a new knowledge for me