Tuesday, October 21, 2014


I just wonder why everybody always talks about great people. Even I do and we just give example of great man. Why? We don’t talk much about ourselves, parents, relatives, and friends. And I thought is your human nature that we try to overlook skipping those valuable little things around us. So I just thought to write about my friends who have done little things for in a great way.
 I am nothing to you all still then I irritated you all like your little bro does. I scolded you all like your father does and I loved you all as your mummy does. But I am your friend and that is what true friend does. I always remember you with your all characters reflected on in my mind which makes me smile and laugh in your absence.
We interacted each other for our necessity to developed friendships which are essential to the successful well being and happiness.
You all are the person whom I knows, likes and trusts. Many people look for different characteristics in friends, things that may be common in nature but we all different nevertheless we have been friends we are the friends and we will be friends. Some says friend are hard to find and impossible to forget. Yes, it is partially true. For me I found you all in simple and the easiest way which no one  found their friends in my way and I proudly want to say you all are god gifted to me. Therefore I will treasure you all.
Walking with you all in the dark was far better than walking in the light alone now .I missed you all. You all are always on my mind picturing and cherishing the moment that we enjoyed together.
 Missing you guys and be good person for yourself, for your parents, and for our TSA WA SUM.

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  1. Great tribute to your friends I must say. Yes I agree with you that friends are also part of our life. They add integral spices to our life. keep writing.