Monday, October 27, 2014


Values helps to build what kind of person we are. In my opinion, honesty, faithfulness, and dedication are the best values that one can have. Firstly, honesty allows others to know who you are and are able to trust you. Secondly, faithfulness helps you from hurting others around you. Finally, the value of dedication helps people become more responsible. Just as I believe that good values show that you are a good person, bad values reflect just as much about one’s character. Lying, cheating, and even having no values at all, in my opinion, are some of the bad values one may have. First, lying hurts many people that it affects and no one ever trusts you. Next, cheating never helps anyone; it always hurts them in the long run of things. Also, having no values is bad also because you have nothing to base what you do off of. You have no ability to know what is right and what is wrong.
Our life is built around work. We human being is busy in some activity or the other throughout the day. Every person gets up from bed in the morning, brushes teeth, takes bath and eats breakfast. Then a child goes to School or College to study. An adult goes to work on the job and a housewife works at home. In the evening a person comes back home, watches television, eats dinner and goes to bed at night. All these activities in which a person engages whole day is consider to be human activities. We do good things sometimes bad things but we human is never satisfied and often tends to forget value those simple things in our life.
Value of Life. One would say that a professional doctor, who is in the business of saving people’s lives, is much more important the individual who is unemployed and only watches television all day. Another would argue that someone like a world renowned spiritual leader is far more important to society than perhaps The President of the United States. Who is better and who will you value? I think all are important for us. So when you all just give a think on these arguments, the person you view to be more important depends on your own morals and upbringing, which are functions of your environment. An unemployed person, who remained at home parked in front of the television for the bulk of the day, would probably argue they are worth just as much as any doctor in the country. They would most likely take this view due to a belief in universal human intrinsic value, which if one believed in such a thing, would indeed make their lifestyle more endurable. For me I will value any one among those three characters mentioned in third para considering the criteria that I value the most in first paragraph, in the first line. But is not all about the choice,thing is that what would be the atmosphere of our society if everyone is honest, faithful and dedicated?


  1. Values, ethos and beliefs must be inherit I think. Those things cannot be learnt from a internet nor from textbooks. It must be learnt from our parents, elders etc. Because the very fact is that every nation has its own values, ethos etc which is deeply rooted in their own culture. Therefore as a concerned citizen of any nation we must try to inherit values and ethos to always keep it alive. Nicely interpreted bro, keep writing.

  2. Values and ethos have always been integral parts of humanity. They not only guided human beings in whatever they do, but they also brought people of different backgrounds, races and places together forming well-knitted communities. Bhutan in earlier days wasn't access to any modern communication facility, people lived well just because they have shared same Buddhism principles laden beliefs.
    It was good read bro. BTW never knew you too maintains a blog until today. Now having known your blog, I will remain connected with it. Keep blogging. Have a wonderful day ahead!

  3. Conducive post Tashi sir, we all have rights and we must be equipped with basic values for the better perception in the mind of self as well as others. Otherwise, our life won't be valued. No matter whoever you are, either rich or poor, superior or inferior, if you lack basic values, you are lacking yourself in which your presence becomes worthless. Indeed, values have to be our innate organ. Assuming that all is well with sound in health. God bless you always. Happy blogging. Take Care. :)

  4. thank you so much,bro Norbu, Sherab and Ugyen sir for your relevant comments on my post in which your comments enrich my post a lot. more over your comments,gives me more confidence and encourages me to write more. Once more thank you for visiting my blog la..